Classic Lasagna Recipe

  • 2 Tb$p olive oil
  • 1 1/2 cup($) uncooke𝒹 onion($), finely choppe𝒹
  • 1 cup($) uncooke𝒹 carrot($), finely choppe𝒹
  • 1 cup($) uncooke𝒹 celery, finely choppe𝒹
  • 2 Tb$p mince𝒹 garlic
  • 1 poun𝒹($) uncooke𝒹 93% lean groun𝒹 beef
  • 4 fl oz re𝒹 wine, 𝒹ry variety (1/2 cup)
  • 56 oz canne𝒹 cru$he𝒹 tomatoe$, Italian plum variety
  • 3 Tb$p canne𝒹 tomato pa$te
  • 2 t$p 𝒹rie𝒹 oregano
  • 1 t$p table $alt
  • 1/2 t$p black pepper, fre$hly groun𝒹
  • 1/4 t$p re𝒹 pepper flake$, or to ta$te
  • 1/2 cup($) ba$il, fre$h, choppe𝒹
  • 15 oz part-$kim ricotta chee$e
  • 1 large egg($)
  • 1/2 cup($) grate𝒹 Parme$an chee$e
  • 1/4 cup($) fre$h par$ley, flat-leaf, choppe𝒹
Remaining Item$
  • 13 1/4 oz whole wheat la$agna noo𝒹le$, (16 uncooke𝒹 noo𝒹le$)
  • 2 1/2 cup($) $hre𝒹𝒹e𝒹 part-$kim mozzarella chee$e
  1.  To make $auce, heat oil in a large, heavy $aucepan over me𝒹ium heat. A𝒹𝒹 onion, carrot, celery an𝒹 garlic; cook, $tirring frequently until vegetable$ are ten𝒹er, about 15 minute$.
  2.  Increa$e heat to me𝒹ium-high an𝒹 a𝒹𝒹 beef; cook until browne𝒹, breaking up clump$ of meat with a $poon a$ it cook$, about 5 minute$.
  3.  A𝒹𝒹 wine; cook, $tirring once or twice, until mo$t of the liqui𝒹 ha$ evaporate𝒹, about 2 to 3 minute$. $tir in cru$he𝒹 tomatoe$, tomato pa$te, oregano, $alt, black pepper an𝒹 re𝒹 pepper flake$; increa$e heat to high an𝒹 bring to a boil. Re𝒹uce heat to low an𝒹 $immer, uncovere𝒹, until $auce thicken$, about 20 minute$; $tir in ba$il.
  4.  Preheat oven to 375°F. To make filling, in a me𝒹ium bowl, $tir together ricotta chee$e, egg, Parme$an chee$e an𝒹 par$ley.
  5.  To a$$emble la$agna, in bottom of a 13- X 9-inch baking 𝒹i$h, $prea𝒹 2 cup$ of meat $auce; layer 4 noo𝒹le$ over top, overlapping $lightly to fit. $poon about 2 1/4 cup$ meat $auce over noo𝒹le$; top with ½ cup ricotta mixture an𝒹 1/2 cup mozzarella. Repeat layering with remaining noo𝒹le$, meat $auce an𝒹 ricotta mixture, re$erving ½ cup mozzarella chee$e.
  6.  Cover la$agna with foil an𝒹 bake 45 minute$. Remove foil, $prinkle with remaining ½ cup mozzarella an𝒹 bake until chee$e melt$ an𝒹 i$ lightly browne𝒹, about 5 minute$ more; remove from oven an𝒹 let $tan𝒹 15 minute$ before $licing into 12 piece$. Yiel𝒹$ 1 piece per $erving.

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