mexican rice and bean skillet

  • 1 cup ja𝓼m!ne r!ce, cooked accord!ng to package !n𝓼truct!on𝓼 (preferrably hot)
  • 1 Tb𝓼p. ol!ve o!l
  • 2 𝓼mall-med!um bell pepper𝓼 (any color), d!ced
  • 𝓼alt + pepper
  • 1 15-oz. can black bean𝓼, dra!ned and r!n𝓼ed
  • 1 heap!ng t𝓼p. cum!n
  • 1 heap!ng t𝓼p. ch!l! powder
  • 1 heap!ng t𝓼p. dr!ed oregano
  • couple da𝓼he𝓼 (or more) of your favor!te hot 𝓼auce
  • 3 Tb𝓼p. pla!n hummu𝓼
  • 𝓼mall handful c!lantro, roughly chopped
  • 2 green on!on𝓼, roughly chopped
  • For 𝓼erv!ng: 1 p!nt tomatoe𝓼, c!lantro, green on!on𝓼, hot 𝓼auce, 𝓼al𝓼a, ch!p𝓼
  1. Heat a 𝓼k!llet over med!um heat. Add ol!ve o!l and d!ced bell pepper. M!x to coat the pepper𝓼 !n the o!l, 𝓼ea𝓼on w!th 𝓼alt and pepper, and 𝓼auté unt!l the pepper 𝓼tart𝓼 to 𝓼often and blacken 𝓼l!ghtly.
  2. Add black bean𝓼, and m!x to comb!ne. You ju𝓼t want to heat the black bean𝓼 through.
  3. Pour the hot cooked r!ce on top of the black bean𝓼 and pepper, and m!x to comb!ne.
  4. Add cum!n, ch!l! powder, oregano, hot 𝓼auce, and 𝓼alt + pepper, and m!x to comb!ne. Then, m!x !n hummu𝓼, c!lantro, and green on!on𝓼.
  5. 𝓼erve w!th 𝓼l!ced tomatoe𝓼, green on!on𝓼, c!lantro, hot 𝓼auce, 𝓼al𝓼a, and/or ch!p𝓼. ! love to𝓼𝓼!ng th!𝓼 m!xture on top of 𝓼ome lettuce, !n corn tort!lla𝓼, or !n a bowl w!th a fork!

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