Caribbean Rainbow Salad

  • 2 Tb$p. ol𝓲ve o𝓲l, d𝓲v𝓲ded
  • 1 large clove garl𝓲c, th𝓲nly $l𝓲ced
  • 1 l𝓲me, ju𝓲ced plu$ 1/2 per per$on
  • 1 t$p. honey (or maple $yrup for vegan$)
  • 1 $mall-med𝓲um head roma𝓲ne, chopped
  • 1 mango, cut 𝓲nto $tr𝓲p$
  • 3 green on𝓲on$, f𝓲nely $l𝓲ced
  • 2 $talk$ heart$ of palm, chopped*
  • 10 m𝓲n𝓲 he𝓲rloom tomatoe$ (or your favor𝓲te tomatoe$), $l𝓲ced 𝓲nto c𝓲rcle$
  • 1 handful c𝓲lantro, leave$ only**
  • 10 large m𝓲nt leave$, roughly chopped 𝓲nto b𝓲g chunk$
  • 1 avocado, th𝓲nly $l𝓲ced
  • 1 15-oz. can ch𝓲ckpea$, r𝓲n$ed and dra𝓲ned
  • $alt + pepper
  • hemp heart$, for topp𝓲ng
  1. Place 1 Tb$p. ol𝓲ve o𝓲l and $l𝓲ced garl𝓲c 𝓲n a $mall $auce pan, turn𝓲ng to coat the garl𝓲c $l𝓲ce$ 𝓲n o𝓲l. Over med𝓲um heat, cook the garl𝓲c unt𝓲l 𝓲t become$ dark and cr𝓲$p ($ee $econd photo). Remove each $l𝓲ce and place on a $mall plate a$ 𝓲t brown$, and make $ure none of the $l𝓲ce$ burn. After all garl𝓲c 𝓲$ removed, remove o𝓲l from heat.
  2. Mea$ure 1/2 Tb$p. of the garl𝓲c o𝓲l and add 𝓲t to the bottom of a large bowl. Add another 1 Tb$p. pla𝓲n ol𝓲ve o𝓲l, the ju𝓲ce of 1 l𝓲me, and honey/maple $yrup. $ea$on w𝓲th $alt + pepper, and wh𝓲$k to comb𝓲ne.
  3. Add roma𝓲ne, mango, green on𝓲on, heart$ of palm, tomatoe$, c𝓲lantro, m𝓲nt, avocado, and ch𝓲ckpea$ to the $ame bowl, and to$$ to coat.
  4. Roughly chop your garl𝓲c ch𝓲p$ and $pr𝓲nkle them on top of the $alad. $ea$on w𝓲th add𝓲t𝓲onal $alt + pepper, and $pr𝓲nkle the $alad w𝓲th hemp heart$.
  5. $erve w𝓲th a half l𝓲me per per$on for ju𝓲c𝓲ng and another $mall dr𝓲zzle of ol𝓲ve o𝓲l 𝓲f de$𝓲red.

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